Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Okay so not last night

Okay so not last night....Sorry *bows head* Anyway, I was working on a eight bit game which if any of my friends were paying attention to they'd know about.*Hint, Hint* It had a lot of bugs of course because I am not a professional and don't know what the hell I'm doing. Of course that's not stoping me from trying. So I fixed glitch after glitch after glitch right. And the one glitch, the figure moves when your not doing anything glitch that I fix I decide to fix at school. Guess what happens? The game maker (fuck you I said I wasn't professional) updates and now that I've fixed it It won't read anything I've worked on so far. Fucking A. On the up and up, I decided that becoming one of those writers who get online fans (not on this of course, like anyone's reading my blog...O_Osorry) and stops writing was not what I wanted to do to my online identity. So I'm updating everything I have online...that's not under my real name. And I need encouragement. I (being the lame person that I am) am Bloodseed on fanfiction.net. Reply here or there if you agree I should continue. by the way I'm thinking of posting my writing here also.

Monday, April 5, 2010


Wow, its been ages. Sorry I said I would come here and then I never came back. Either way I figure I should start Blogging again. See you tonight.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Dream 2 ^_^

Alright,people, so my friends and I split into two visual kei bands (Bands like Dir en Gray,japanese (yes, we all speak 5 lauguages now) rock/pop bands that perform in costumes and make up)and set it up with the owner of a club right out side of town. Now the plan was that we would raise the money to move out of state and pay rent for a few months. Since several of us wanted to be writers/artists/in bands/costume designers/acters we figured this way we could get our names known network have fun and make money. Plus we could do illegal things while we were in make up and no one would be the wiser. It didn't help us that that Frizzaholic father was head of the local police. Anyways, we get together to do the bands and we're stuck because everybody knows everything and knows whats should be the bands names and who should play what and what should be each bands style and blah blah blah we got all bitchy and emo before several of us decide enough is enough and that we should just get it clear who has what level of control in each band. And we decide to do it with a fighting contest. This is when we find that giving in to our inner desires of fans of anime and manga has had a magical effect and given us powers. The sweetest and one of the oldest of our group Asta was aready amazing with martial arts and decided not to perticipate insisting that we could just split in to boys and girls. While my boyfriend decided he wasn't interested and would just fight the winner if it came to that. He was just glad no one would try to get him in make up or costume...
"Next time on Sangria's Drunken Genius show we'll tell you who won what and what powers they have!" T_T I'd tell you now but they have screen names and if I break their trust they'll kill me...

Monday, December 7, 2009

Okay So Like I Had A Dream...Frizzlaholic read this Dammit!

About a week before Thanksgiving holiday I had a dream. Now I dream every night but I don't think you want to hear about that...^_-
Anyways, my dream start off a the average dream for me ( some outlandish fantasy where everyone's out to get me and my friends and kill/maim/hurt us...Makes me wonder if I'm a masochist T_T cause these are my good dreams that I think of storylines to...I luv tradigies even if I can't spell 'um) except this time we're in a small town setting...like foot-loose or something really religious and conservative. Anyway, we're all catching fak for liking anime and romance novels and all these outragoes things. So we get together at the library and plan something that we want to do that will help us make it big and get out of town. So we come up with getting a club on the edge of town to host visual kai bands( because of course this is adream where we can all sing dance act do kung fu play rock opera and amazing acrobatics...and I lose weight ^_^). And we split into Two bands....and that's all the time I have people we'll pick this up later...