Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Okay so not last night

Okay so not last night....Sorry *bows head* Anyway, I was working on a eight bit game which if any of my friends were paying attention to they'd know about.*Hint, Hint* It had a lot of bugs of course because I am not a professional and don't know what the hell I'm doing. Of course that's not stoping me from trying. So I fixed glitch after glitch after glitch right. And the one glitch, the figure moves when your not doing anything glitch that I fix I decide to fix at school. Guess what happens? The game maker (fuck you I said I wasn't professional) updates and now that I've fixed it It won't read anything I've worked on so far. Fucking A. On the up and up, I decided that becoming one of those writers who get online fans (not on this of course, like anyone's reading my blog...O_Osorry) and stops writing was not what I wanted to do to my online identity. So I'm updating everything I have online...that's not under my real name. And I need encouragement. I (being the lame person that I am) am Bloodseed on fanfiction.net. Reply here or there if you agree I should continue. by the way I'm thinking of posting my writing here also.

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