Monday, December 7, 2009

Okay So Like I Had A Dream...Frizzlaholic read this Dammit!

About a week before Thanksgiving holiday I had a dream. Now I dream every night but I don't think you want to hear about that...^_-
Anyways, my dream start off a the average dream for me ( some outlandish fantasy where everyone's out to get me and my friends and kill/maim/hurt us...Makes me wonder if I'm a masochist T_T cause these are my good dreams that I think of storylines to...I luv tradigies even if I can't spell 'um) except this time we're in a small town foot-loose or something really religious and conservative. Anyway, we're all catching fak for liking anime and romance novels and all these outragoes things. So we get together at the library and plan something that we want to do that will help us make it big and get out of town. So we come up with getting a club on the edge of town to host visual kai bands( because of course this is adream where we can all sing dance act do kung fu play rock opera and amazing acrobatics...and I lose weight ^_^). And we split into Two bands....and that's all the time I have people we'll pick this up later...

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